About New-Leaf

New-Leaf Coaching & Consulting exists to assist individuals and organizations maximize their potential. We accomplish this by seeing our client's vision through their perspective, exploring all possibilities and partnering with them to achieve their success.

Meet Jodi

Meet Jodi

As a Professional Coach and Consultant, my expertise is enabling individuals and organizations in overcoming obstacles preventing their success and growth. I have a lifetime of experience in conquering difficult if not impossible challenges both professional and personal. My passion is to enable you, your team or organization to do the same.

I've been involved in a fair share of mistakes. These miscalculations have given me a deep understanding of what does and does not work so well.

I partner with individuals, teams, and small-mid size organizations so they may benefit from my learning and to help them avoid the pitfalls. I offer my experiences as your guide to reaching full potential.

The one consistent theme I have observed throughout my career is that the underlying success of a company relies primarily on the strength of its leadership and the value it places on its employees. Anything is possible when the focus is placed on these two elements.

I believe that when it comes to challenges and obstacles in life, we all hold our own answers. Sometimes, we just need a little help to bring those answers to the surface.

My passion is helping others to achieve more. I look forward to working with you.


Core Values

Integrity: Integrity is the foundation on which New-Leaf builds credence with our clients and employees. We understand that our words have to be trusted, our actions have to be consistent, our decisions have to be above reproach, and we must always do the next right thing.

Courage: New-Leaf recognizes that success comes from the courage to learn, change, and grow and that courage is strengthened when practiced in the change process. We support and encourage our clients and employees when faced with the unknown because we know that this will lead to positive transformations.

Honesty: Openness and honesty make for strong relationships because it leads to trust and connectedness. New-Leaf believes that, to be successful, openness and honesty are imperative in the learning and growth process of our clients and employees. When we are not honest with ourselves and one another, we limit our potential.

Solutions-Focused: New-Leaf trusts that more can be accomplished by our clients and employees when the focus is placed on strengths and what works and averting focus from what doesn't. When a solutions-focused, goal-directed approach to designing a purposeful vision is used, we experience a more positive and hopeful future.

Code of Ethics

Human Resources Certification Institute (HRCI)

As an HR Certification Institute certification holder, we commit to the HRCI's code of ethics. We hold ourselves accountable to responsibly act in an ethical and professional manner. To ensure our client's confidence in New-Leaf's integrity, we commit to: Read more

International Coaching Federation (ICF)

New-Leaf conducts coaching services in strict adherence to the ICF's code of ethics. Read More.